After Brillantmont
Brillantmont graduation ceremony celebration

Our teaching promotes a growth mindset which encourages students to develop an awareness of their own learning journey.

BM学生是否计划上大学, take a gap year or pursue other options, 在这一转变过程中,买外围的足彩的网站提供指导和学生帮助. 买外围的足彩的网站的辅导员从10年级开始辅导学生, exploring different career and study options.

100% of our students continue to higher education, including the prestigious Russell Group in the UK. Our librarian is on-hand to assist students who wish to access university multimedia materials. Each year various university fairs and Open Days within the region provide further information and universities from all over the world regularly visit Brillantmont to give presentations to groups of potential students. 买外围的足彩的网站帮助学生参加开放日或参观他们感兴趣的大学.

At all stages, students receive completely personalised support from our Guidance Counsellor and their university applications are well prepared. They also practise the communication skills, interview techniques and role play situations they will need later at the academic interview stage. 十大外围足彩网站大学咨询不收取额外费用——费用包括在内.

As global citizens, our students enter universities across the world and we help them with them every step of the way, wherever they decide to go.
“Being accepted at Oxford for an MSc in Integrated Immunology is due in no small part to the wonderful education I received during my four years at BM. 我得到了鼓舞人心的老师们的支持和奉献.”
John, BM alum
当学生完成他们在十大外围足彩网站的学习,他们去世界各地. 他们的职业和大学选择显示出他们的国际化程度. We love to meet up and reconnect on our travels, 听听他们的故事,找出他们的人生旅程. Some of our alumni share their experience of Brillantmont and why it was a great choice for them.
买外围的足彩的网站的学生收到了世界各地的大学录取通知书. The diversity of the places offered clearly illustrates how a Brillantmont education opens many doors worldwide.
University offers from UK universities
University offers from the UK


  • 布鲁内尔大学,伦敦-商业和管理
  • 伦敦城市大学-会计与金融
  • 伦敦大学考陶德艺术学院-艺术史
  • 伦敦大学金史密斯学院-管理与创业
  • Goldsmiths, University of London - Fine Art
  • Hult International Business School
  • Istituto Marangoni, London
  • Kings College London - Accounting and Finance
  • Kingston University London - Fine Art
  • London Metropolitan University - Architecture
  • Regent's University London
  • 里士满大学,伦敦-国际商务
  • 伦敦皇家霍洛威大学-商业和管理
  • SOAS University of London
  • University of the Arts London - Fine Art
  • 伦敦艺术大学-基础课程
  • University of East London - Architecture
  • 威斯敏斯特大学-平面传播设计
  • 西伦敦大学-建筑设计技术
  • University of West London - Business Management


  • University of Brighton - Architecture


  • 西英格兰布里斯托大学-媒体与新闻学

Edinburgh, Scotland

  • The University of Edinburgh - Fine Art

Glasgow, Scotland

  • 格拉斯哥国际学院-商业和社会科学
  • Glasgow School of Art - Fine Art


  • University of Hertfordshire


  • 曼彻斯特大学-国际管理


  • Northumbria University - Media and Journalism


  • Leeds Beckett University - Journalism


  • 肯特大学-商业管理(金融)


  • 谢菲尔德大学-会计与财务管理

Stirling, Scotland

  • University of Stirling - Journalism


  • University of Warwick - International Management
University offers from European universities
University offers from Europe



  • Bocconi University
  • Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


  • Luiss - Libera Università国际社会学习

The Netherlands

The Hague

  • The Hague University of Applied Sciences



  • SLU - Saint Louis University Madrid
  • Universidad Europea de Madrid


  • American University in Switzerland
  • Geneva Business School
  • Glion Institute of Higher Education
  • EHL - École Hôtelière de Lausanne
  • International University of Geneva
  • UNIL- The University of Lausanne
  • University of Fribourg
  • University of Geneva
University offers from universities in the USA
University offers from the USA


  • Loyola University Chicago


  • Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University - Aviation


  • Purdue University - Aviation


  • Michigan State University


  • University of Central Missouri

New Jersey

  • 德鲁大学生物医学科学学士学位生物化学和分子生物学

New York

  • The New School, Parsons School of Design

North Dakota

  • University of North Dakota


  • University of Wisconsin-Madison

Brillantmont alumni testimonials - Andrea

Andrea Olivieri from Italy, 2015 - 2017

I started Brillantmont at IGCSE, and from the very beginning I felt welcomed into the community. 我能够非常容易地融入,因为它缺乏严格的友谊小组. I got to know everyone inside the school, regardless of their age, nationality or language.

The connection between teachers and students is also quite unique: I always found all teachers available to discuss personal issues or just to chit chat. This is also true for the Direction, who are always very attentive to every single student’s needs.

另一件伟大的事情是十大外围足彩网站如何成功地合并研究, 体育和友好活动:通过众议院的活动, sports days, weekend trips and many more activities. 你可以真正享受与整个十大外围足彩网站,学生和老师的时间.

There are many nationalities represented at Brillantmont; I had close friends from England, Belgium, 我很高兴地说,我仍然和他们中的一些人保持着联系, 尽管买外围的足彩的网站分散在世界各地.

十大外围足彩网站不仅给了我准备上大学的学术工具, 但它也帮助我变得更加自信和坚定. 它挑战着我,把我推出我的“舒适区”, 在大学和课外活动中都很有帮助. “

Brillantmont alumni testimonials - Antonio

Antonio Dadalto Netto, 2013-2015 from Brazil
目前在德意志银行担任财务分析师, 这家投资银行在伦敦金融城拥有重要业务,并在全球范围内拥有业务.

I studied at Brillantmont for three years. The school is a melting pot of cultures, and Switzerland is the perfect place to experience it all.

 我参与了买外围的足彩的网站,参加了数学冠军, Model United Nations, 并与仁人家园组织和人类家园组织一起开展人道主义工作. I am still in touch with My BM friends, who are scattered all over the world in Sweden, Brazil, Spain, UK, US, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and Mexico.

BM教会我坚强、独立和多元. It taught me how to be resilient, how to confront challenge, how to be persuasive and how to work as a team. 它帮助我建立了天生的竞争能力,这是在我的行业中脱颖而出的关键.

After BM I studied for a BSc (Hons) Financial Economics with Integrated Professional Training at City University of London with a one year Industrial placement at the Bank of England and an internship at Deutsche Bank, and I passed the CFA Level 1.

Brillantmont alumni testimonials - Zara

Zara Hristoskova from Bulgaria, 2005-2007

我留在瑞士,在洛桑完成了室内建筑的学士学位. After university I decided to work and live in Switzerland, because it felt like a home to me.

I am an interior architect, I started my own company, 主要在瑞士工作,但也有奥地利和保加利亚. 我为不同类型的项目创建自定义室内设计, hotels, private residences, shops as well as retirement homes.

Brillantmont gave me a great base for communication with young people from all over the world. 同样在十大外围足彩网站,我学会了更加独立,这在后来帮助了我.

Brillantmont was one of my best memories. 地理位置,人民,生活在一个小社区,但却如此多样化. It was a great experience that I can only recommend to others also for the contacts we develop with people and keep later on despite the distance!

Brillantmont gives us a common memory and a place we all shared at a time in our teenage years.

Brillantmont alumni testimonials - Paula

Paula Navarro from Spain,  2005-2008

当我离开十大外围足彩网站时,我开始在卡洛斯三世大学攻读法律学位, in Madrid, which I finished in 2009. Afterwards, I studied an LLM for a year in Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE) - in Madrid as well- which I finished in 2010.

I work as a lawyer in the Real Estate Department of an English firm named Clifford Chance (Madrid office). I joined Clifford Chance two years ago. I previously worked for Linklaters, S.L.P (also English firm) and Deloitte.我的日常工作包括为本地和国际客户提供咨询, for example, 投资基金)对房地产相关交易的全方位, such us acquisition of real estate assets and companies with a real estate component; real estate finance transactions, refinancing and restructurings.

十大外围足彩网站在很多方面帮助我取得了今天的成就, for example, offering me academic prestige, giving me an international perspective of life and the opportunity to make friends all over the world, learning languages (English and French), 这一切对我以后开始职业生涯都很有帮助.

Having studied at Brillantmont, 瑞士(乃至世界上)最好、最负盛名的寄宿十大外围足彩网站之一, turned out to be very helpful on a curricular level in order to achieve both my academic and professional goals.

I recommend Brillantmont to everyone I know (it is no coincidence that my sister also studied there!) and I would advise them to work hard, enjoy the experience and the wonderful opportunity that our parents offer to us to the fullest; take the opportunity to meet amazing people all over the world who will become your friends for a life time.

Brillantmont alumni testimonials - Maria

Maria Eitel from the USA, 1978-1979
Co-chair of the NIke Foundation; Chair of the Girl Effect Board of Directors ; Commission member of Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace ; Board Member of Go Fund Me

After Brillantmont, I returned to my high school in Seattle, 我希望我还在十大外围足彩网站! After a Master in foreign affairs at Georgetown. I worked in media including at the White House. I shifted direction and got a job at Microsoft setting up Corporate Affairs for Europe and then from there was recruited to Nike where I have been for the last 20 years, first as founding head of corporate responsibility and then founder of the Nike Foundation and the Girl Effect, 一个新成立的独立组织,主要关注贫困少女. My career shows a thread of the International, a sub-thread of loving to speak French and an overwhelming thread of trying to create a world that embraces diversity and good for all. I remember my time at Brillantmont so fondly. It truly opened my world. I was a small-town American girl from Everett, Washington arriving at Brillantmont to roommates and fellow students from places as diverse as Iraq, Portugal, Venezuela. 在十大外围足彩网站的时光是我一生中最快乐的时光. I was exploring the world and people at the age when that kind of exposure marks you for life - in this case in such a positive way. 我对不同的人都很敏感, world views, traditions, beliefs, 如果不是在十大外围足彩网站的那段时间,我永远也不会养成这些习惯. It made me truly “global” and has been a part of my joy and success throughout my life and will continue to be.

我给学生们的建议是,享受同学们的巨大多样性. 他们会通过在一起和发展真正的友谊教会你很多东西. Ask each other uncomfortable and good questions. Play and enjoy. It is the best time of your life and will shape everything you do as you charge forward in your own creative and unique way.

“Studying international A Levels meant that I had covered much more material than many of my peers when I started university in the UK.”
Fraser, BM alum, working for Siemens
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